Design & Development

  • Cross Platform designs, well optimised for a brilliant user experience even on mobile
  • Free SEO to ensure maximum visibility on Search Engines like Google
  • Mobile Apps design and deployment accross IOS all platforms
  • Advisory for your business to ensure you get the right design for the right function
  • 24/7 Premium Support, we'll be here when you need us to be.
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Our range of En-suite packages

Package #1

Starting at $ 420
  • Hosting: Serva Lite
  • Design & Build : Static
  • Marketing : SEO pack (1 month)
  • Analytics : Basic
  • Support : 1 year
  • Best for : Personal (Static/Blogs)
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Package #2

Starting at $ 720 /
  • Hosting : Serva Plus
  • Design & Build: Extensive
  • Marketing : Maxi Pack (1 month)
  • Analytics : Google(Custom)
  • Support: 1 year
  • Best for: Business (Startups/Growing)
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Tailor your Own

Custom (Pick your budget)
  • Hosting : Select pack
  • Design & Build: Pick a budget
  • Marketing : Optional
  • Support : 1 year
  • Analytics : Optional
Lets tailor it!

Clients, Affiliates and Partners

Design & Build Features

CTA(Call To Action) Based Builds

We build our customers solution based on their customer's experience, these builds are made with end user interaction goals righ from the framework down to the minor aesthetic details. You wont just get a build, you'll get an excellent build based on who your customer is and what they want.

Multiplatform builds

Our platforms be they work seemlessly on mobile, tablets and desktop, with complete integration accross multiple browsers, operating systems and geographical locations, with no limitations.

Free SEO

We realise that the bulk of internet traffic today is search engine based, so if your website doesnt pop up in a search, you are leaving alot on the table. With this in mind, we have attached free Search Engine Optimisation to each of our desing and build packages.

24/7 Support

Our dedicated team of support staff is here for you whenever you need them, chat live, get called back, send an email or use our contact form and we shall be here to answer any question you have regarding any of our packages/services.

Bespoke Service

At Serva we also understand that sometimes some clients might have needs or budgets that are not encompassed in our default package offerings, so, we have gone ahead to allow for bespoke services, check out our bespoke section to get something tailored for you.

Mobile Apps

In today's mobile world, it has become increasingly important to have a mobile app to supplement a website, so in the interest of being a one stop shop, we also develop well thought out mobile apps for our customers.

Welcome to the Servamatics Please look around and find the best solution for your business. Please feel free to get in touch with us