• 33 Charities across Africa
  • 33 Young Entreprenuers and Startups across Africa
  • 33+1 Women in business across Africa
  • Starting Febuary 2018, lets all play our little part and make the world a better place.
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Clients, Affiliates and Partners

What is Lend a Hand?


We hope to lend 33 charities across Africa a hand as they do their work, we shall provide them with free web hosting, free advisory services and help those that need to be but are not yet online to launch their web platforms.

Young Entreprenuers and Start-ups

We are in a position to understand the constraints of being a startup in Africa, and we are committing to help 33 young entreprenuers and startups accross the continent to get online, we shall give them free webhosting, advisory and where possible, help them to launch websites and equip them with the marketing skills to get their brands out there.

Women in Business

As the world embraces an ever growing number of women in business, we should also acknowledge their need for support, sometimes, as they say, a little nudge can go a long way. We intend to give a few of those and hopefully make a ripple in the sea.

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